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Jumping with Joy is this little page in my blogs where I can be less serious and you can know more about me!  I will post some of my drawings, pictures, stories, and more!  I don't want you to get bored with this blog, so come right in and explore my page of adventures! -idea from Anne N.
More About Me:
Yes, my initials are A.J.M.  My name is really Abigail Joy.  When I was a little kid, my friends called me Joy-Joy.  Abigail means "her Father's joy" or "fountain of joy",  that's why I named this blog Joy of Her Father!  Actually, my mom started this blog a looong time ago but I'm just starting to use it now.  My birthday is on February 27th, so if you like me, give me a prezzie! Haha, just kidding=) kind of... My hobbies as I said in my profile are reading, writing, art, and photography.  I play only one instrument, the piano, unless you count singing as another.  I've only been taking piano for 3 years but some people think I've been playing for 6!  I love to read and write Spy stories and everyday family fiction.  I will try to post a link of my published book on here with my stories and poems!  If I can't, I'll just post them.  I also ♥ eating!  I don't eat much though and I want to be more healthy and fit.  I'm very picky at times.  My favorite sweet treat would probably be...ice cream or pie=D What's yours? 
Some of my art work:  I like entering them in contests on CDE, a site I like to play in. If you know what I'm talking about, add me on there! My username is AbbeyFriendship5.  I usually win=D Haha, yeah, I'm very competitive.

Still Water is my 1st place painting that got put into a College exhibit. 

This is my 3rd grade drawing that got put into a NJ mall for one day.
My very FIRST oil painting!

Remixed Minion!
Story Nook: I just published my book on Bookemon!  The hard bound one is on sale for $27, but if I personally know you and you have a Bookemon account, please click on this to add me and you can just read it online.  If you don't have a Bookemon account and you go to my school, just stop by our school's library to read it!  Since it's a private book, I can't really share the link with you Bloggers=( but I will post my stories on here!  I hope you like them (Sorry, they're really long and they're kind of scrambled!).  Also, read my other stories up there in the tabs!  And share your own funny stories or poems in Smile!
Table of Contents:  
First Day at BJJH

Mile Run
more stories and poems coming soon! 

High Intelligence Group of Heroes
Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  “You have got to be kidding me!  I’m a secret agent, but I still can’t even make my own breakfast!”  Thirteen-year-old Jacqueline Grace Angelo whispered to herself as the smoke detector started beeping in the kitchen. 
                 “Is everything okay, honey?  Do you want me to make your breakfast?”  Mrs. Angelo asked her helpless daughter. 
“Thanks, Mom, but I’ve got to go or I’ll be late!”  Jackie gave her mom a quick kiss, grabbed her burnt toast, and ran out the door.
Ding!  Jackie was relieved that she was not late to homeroom.  “Morning, Jackie!  You were almost late, you know.  My mom and I should just pick you up.”  Her blonde best friend, Anthony James Steele, whispered to her while the teacher was taking attendance. 
“Maybe next time, I will, AJ.  Have you heard anything about our new homework?”  Whenever AJ and Jackie talked about their top secret missions for High Intelligence Group of Heroes (H.I.G.H.), their agency, they always used the term “homework.”  Right after Jackie had just asked the question, both hers and AJ’s Mission Alarm System (M.A.S.) started vibrating, alarming them that they were needed at H.I.G.H. immediately.  AJ raised his hand to tell the teacher that they needed to leave.  The teacher knew that they both had to leave at random moments for special reasons that were classified and nodded at his two pupils, allowing them to escape homeroom. 
“I guess now we’ll know what we’re up against.  I can’t wait!  I hope we get to use the new gadgets!  I want to get my hands on the Disguiser and turn myself into Albert Einstein or maybe even Snoopy!”  AJ exclaimed in the clear hallway.
“Wow, you want to be Albert Einstein?  You would still have no brains, you know.”  Jackie laughed jokingly as they scanned their eyes and handprints on their Locker Transporters which allowed access only to them.  “See you on the other side!”  Both Jackie and AJ stepped in the wide-spaced lockers after making sure that no one was watching them.  The ride to H.I.G.H. was always thrilling because it would suck the agent into a comfy tube that transports him rapidly to the other side known as H.I.G.H. 
“Welcome, Agents.”  Their brawny leader, Sir Robert Sterling, greeted them warmly but with urgency when AJ and Jackie safely landed on the couch.  He turned on the giant flat screen television and turned to the top secret news channel.  “Do you see what is happening here, Agent Jackie and Agent AJ?  One of our spies has just reported that Mr. Mastermind, a major psycho, has created a series of monstrous volcanoes under the Pacific Ocean near Japan, and when he sets them off, they will cause the greatest tsunamis in history!  I want you to stop his evil schemes by going to his headquarters in the bottom of the Northern Pacific Ocean and capturing him.  You will be using the latest gadgets, such as the Disguiser, Freezer, Super Suit that can adjust to any temperature imaginable, and others that Professor Steinberg, our brilliant scientist, will explain to you.  Also, you will be arriving there by the Invisible Helicopter and the Portable Submarine.  Be careful, Agents, and make wise decisions.  Japan rests in your hands, but no pressure.”  Sir Sterling smiled and saluted them as if they were in military school. 
“Do y’all have the Portable Submarine and all your other knick knacks?”  Their freckled pilot, Johnny Jackson, from South Carolina asked them as he steadied the Invisible Helicopter right above a dock.  AJ and Jackie nodded and grabbed their Life Packs, which held everything necessary for their mission in a little water-proof and fire-proof backpack.  “Be stealth and safe now.  Good luck!”  He winked and let the now invisible agents down the rope ladder, and when the ladder returned to the helicopter, Johnny flew away and left them to their assignment.
“Format the submarine to be invisible.”  Jackie told her partner, AJ.  “Good thing we can see invisible things with these Hi-Def Glasses.”  Jackie and AJ entered their transportation and drove down to the Pacific Ocean’s floor to try to find Mr. Mastermind’s command center.
“Is that it?  Wow, it really blends with the ocean floor.”  AJ pointed sarcastically at two neon blue buildings that could probably be seen from outer space.  They parked their Portable Submarine several yards from the buildings and swam out with their oxygen masks on.  “So now how are we going to get in?  Go through the walls?”  AJ asked through his Brain, a communication system that lets them converse through thoughts.
“Actually, yes we will. Just activate the ghost feature on your Disguiser.”  Jackie and AJ passed through the walls without disturbing anything.  “Okay, you go left and I will go right.”  Jackie gave AJ a thumbs-up and both departed. 
“Mr. Mastermind’s laboratory will probably be in the core of this building,”  AJ thought to himself as he walked silently through the empty hallways.  “Here it is.”  AJ entered the laboratory through its walls.  “Greetings, Mr. Mastermind.”  A blue-haired man who was hunched over turned around surprised.
“What do you want?  I’m not buying anything!  Last time I bought a box of Girl Scouts’ cookies, they were all moldy!”  Mr. Mastermind yelled with his scratchy voice.
“I want you to stop your evil plan of destroying Japan and possibly some other countries.  I will have to use my skills if you don’t cooperate.”  AJ warned.
“Skills, huh?  Show yourself so that it will be a fair fight,”  the crazy psycho demanded.
“All right, but no funny tricks understand?”  As soon as AJ became visible, he was trapped inside a glass case.
“Don’t waste your energy, little boy.  You are inside the Gadget Deactivation Trap.  Nothing can destroy it!”  Mr. Mastermind laughed with evil satisfaction while he watched AJ pound the trap using a gadget.  “And my mother thought there was no purpose for evil.  Now, I can either get a ransom for you or just burn you like a poor little marshmallow.”  As Mr. Mastermind was assembling the Disintegrator, in came Jackie disguised as Mr. Mastermind’s mother, Mrs. Lavensky.
“Hello, Rudolph, my son.”  Jackie greeted in her disguised thin Russian accent.  Mr. Mastermind turned white.
“Mother, how did you find me?!  And stop calling me by that name!”
“It doesn’t matter how I got here, Rudolph.  Also, I am the one who instructs you, not the other way around.  Now, I order you to release that boy and stop whatever plans you have.”
“No, I will not, Mother!  I do not live at your house anymore, so I can do whatever I desire!” 
“Just obey, Rudolph!”  Jackie commanded sternly but Mr. Mastermind still did not follow.  Jackie morphed back to her original form as Mr. Mastermind pointed the Disintegrator
at AJ.  Jackie managed to knock Mr. Mastermind down with her Iron Hands, but he got up and fought back with his own gadgets.  He tried to use his Laser Eyes on her but she was doing quick back flips and dodges.  When Jackie finally got exhausted, Mr. Mastermind took his chance to beat her down to the floor with a metal chair. 
“I thought you would be able to stop me, but lucky for me you did not!  Oh by the way, my mother is dead.  Nice try though, little kid.”  Mr. Mastermind smiled cruelly and went back to his wicked machine.
“Get up, Jackie!  Get up!”  AJ pounded the glass case with all his might and tears in his eyes.
“I’m sorry but she’s gone and you will be too.  She was actually kind of cute and—”  Mr. Mastermind literally froze in the middle of his sentence.
“I’m not gone, Rudolph.  You are.”  Jackie grinned and blew on her Freezer like it was hot.  After she had released AJ from the Gadget Deactivation Trap, she asked, “So do we just call H.I.G.H. and tell them ‘mission accomplished’?”
 First Day at BJJH
This story was published on the first page of my school's BJJH Journal!  This is a little bit based on my first year at BJJH.
“Ugh.  Why couldn’t Mom and I just stay in New York, Dad?”  Blonde thirteen-year-old Sarah Avery Winters groaned at her father while they drove to her new school, Bob Jones Junior High.  “I won’t know anyone there!  Today is going to be the worst day of my life!”
“It won’t be the worst day of your life, Sarah.  You’ll make new friends quickly, don’t worry.  You should be thankful, for Bob Jones Junior High is one of the best schools in America,”  Her father told her as they stopped in front of the car line.  “Now, have a good day.”  Mr. Winters handed Sarah her lunch. 
As soon as Sarah entered the building, she immediately headed for the office as her dad had instructed her.  “Good morning.  You are Miss Sarah Winters?  Am I correct?”  the cheery office lady asked and Sarah nodded in reply.  “I am Mrs. Perry.  I will show you where your classes are and introduce you to the teachers.  You still have fifteen minutes till homeroom, so we’ll do the orientation now.”  Sarah followed Mrs. Perry silently to all the rooms and teachers.  Finally, when the bell rang, Mrs. Perry led her to her locker and helped her open it.  “If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or your fellow classmates.  Have a nice day.”  Sarah smiled and thanked Mrs. Perry before she left.  Since her homeroom teacher, Mr. Ferrell, allowed her to have a few extra minutes to arrange her locker and prepare for her first class, Sarah just waited until the girl under her locker had left.
  When Sarah arrived several minutes late to homeroom, she felt a billion eyes staring at her.  After sitting in her seat in awkward silence, everyone started chatting with their life-long friends.  She scanned the room but found no one approachable enough to talk to.  When she saw all the whispering cliques, she suddenly started missing her best friends back in New York.  She felt her eyes start to water but fortunately, the bell for first hour saved her from embarrassment. 
“Would you like to dissect a frog today, Sarah?”  Mr. Roster, her tall science teacher, asked her kindly during first hour. 
“Sure.”  She was not exactly up for it, but she thought if she did not do it, everyone would think she was girly but she was not.  Sarah got paired up with a girl who was nice but whose stomach was queasy around dead things, so she did mostly all the work.  Sarah started smiling but as soon as she did, frog juice as the others called it, squirted onto her face and her classmates laughed.  “Gross!  That was really disgusting,”  She thought while grimacing.
After first hour, she went to Bible class.  The Bible teacher, Mr. Towers, was very jolly.  He made a joke at the end of the class, and Sarah started laughing hysterically and a snort escaped with it.  Everyone looked weirdly at her so she hurriedly walked to third hour history. 
History was not Sarah’s cup of tea, so she just sat there doodling while Mr. Ferrell expressed great emotion for raw power and while someone made a joke about wanting their power well done. 
Chapel in the Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium (FMA) came right after third hour.  The message about being doers and not only hearers of the work was good, but it was really hard to stay awake in all the stillness so Sarah dozed off while the student beside her snored quietly.  She woke up just before the closing prayer ended and walked back to BJJH alone.  
There, a teacher gently warned her not to sleep during chapel or else she would receive a tally. 
                 During lunch, Sarah ate quietly at the end of the table with no one paying attention to her.  “This day is the worst day of my life,”  she thought sadly. 
                 Fourth hour advanced math followed right after lunch, and Sarah was glad because math was her favorite subject.  The teacher, Mr. Horton, was funny and nice.  She was doing really well on the math problems until Mr. Horton asked, “What’s the answer for number eleven, Sarah?  It’s really easy.” 
“Number eleven is twenty-seven.”  Sarah answered proudly.
“Nope, actually it isn’t.  I shouldn’t have said it was easy.  I’m sorry.” Mr. Horton apologized and called on a boy named William.  Sarah sank lower on her chair, red with shame.  Thankfully, the bell rang and she exited the room of humiliation. P.E. was next so she grabbed her gym bag and gym locker combination.
After she had changed into her P.E. uniform, she sat with the crowd of girls in her class.  “Are we doing sit-ups today?” asked an Asian girl.  “I hope we are!”                                                 
“Yeah, I think so.”  Her friend replied.
“Hey, ladies!  We’ll be jogging for a few minutes and then we’ll do sit-ups so grab a partner.”  Miss Pebb explained.
“Oh no!  I’m terrible at sit-ups.”  Sarah moaned silently.
“Your name is Sarah Winters, right?  I’m Juliet Baker.  Would you like to be my partner?”  A freckled brunette with green glasses asked her as they were jogging. 
“Yeah, that’s my name.  How did you know?  And sure, I’ll be your partner.  Thanks.”  Sarah totally forgot that she needed a partner because she was worrying about the sit-ups.
“Everyone is talking about you.  You’re that cute new girl that all the boys are looking at.”  Juliet laughed and Sarah blushed.
“Come in, girls.  You will each have one minute to do your sit-ups.  Go!”  Juliet did her sit-ups first and got fifty.  Sarah did hers and got forty-seven, only three away from Juliet.
“Good job!  Was this your first time?”  Juliet asked.
“No, but this is my best score ever!  I usually just get thirty-seven or forty!”  Sarah exclaimed.  After the sit-ups, they played volleyball.  Time went by quickly and sixth hour came.  “I have English for my next class.  How about you?”  Sarah asked her new friend.
“I have English too!”  Both girls walked to their class happily.  Miss Tiffany Lipton, their English teacher, assigned Sarah to write a short story with Juliet and allowed them to sit together.
In the car line, Juliet and Sarah exchanged cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  “Sarah, I’m going to the mall with my older sister, Cassandra, on Saturday.  Do you want to come with us?”  Juliet invited Sarah.
“I’ll talk to my dad about it and tell you tomorrow.  Thanks!”  Sarah waved and smiled at Juliet as she stepped into her car.
“So was today the worst day of your life, pumpkin?”  Mr. Winters asked his smiling daughter. 
“No, you were right, Dad.  BJJH isn’t so bad after all.”  

Acrostic Poem: Mile Run
This is how I feel when I run the mile in P.E.  Our lives are like this. Sometimes, we think our lives are the worst and we feel so depressed  that some of us even think of bad thoughts to just end this "impossible looking goal".  But if we put out trust in God, He will aid us in our time of need.  We can reach the finish line with joy on our faces, knowing that Christ helped us!

Midday sun blazing against our foreheads
Impossible looking goal
Leaping and sprinting toward it
Energy flowing through our bodies like electricity

Respiratory system aiding us to breath better
Unable to run no longer
Now, we finally reach the finish line!


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