Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Salvation Testimony♥

When I was five years old, I knew what was right and what was wrong. During the summer my aunt came to visit us. She witnessed to me and sang Christian songs. She told me about the plan of Salvation and the gospel. She told me that I would go to hell if i did not accept Jesus Christ as my true Saviour. I prayed and accepted Christ into my heart. A few years later, I got baptized. But as I grew, I began to have doubts about my Salvation. One night, I got convicted by a sermon and I decided to pray again and make sure that I was truly saved. (Prayers don't save you though, only a heart that admits that we are all sinners and that God is the only one that can save us.) Now I am positive that I am God's child. I want to serve Him through music (piano and singing), doing my best for Him and not for great reputation, and sharing the gospel with you all. Thank you for reading=)