Tuesday, June 03, 2014

God Bless Our Home♥

My family has been praying for our own house for a long time now, and God provided us a perfect one this summer! It's farther from my school but it's worth the drive cus it's our house. So last week we planned to move on Friday, May 30th, but Thursday one of the men who was going to help us with his truck and trailer called and said that there's a 60% chance of rain the following day and that we should reschedule or borrow a U-haul trailer. But, my dad was already off Friday and Saturday, the man with the trailer was traveling somewhere. We brought our worries to God and prayed for him to withhold the rain. I had full confidence that God wouldn't make it rain because it seems like every time I pray for good weather, He has answered my prayers. My dad even read a certain verse from the Bible for his Friday devotion that said something about God containing the winds in His fists. And that morning, the sky was clear! Early 8 am, the man with the trailer showed up because he wanted us to have a head start just in case it rained. Other helpers came, including two very important helpers-- the 2 little boys I babysit from church:) They made moving fun and they were very helpful! For lunch, one of the ladies cooked us a delicious meal which strengthened all of the workers who needed to carry my heavy piano and dresser. At around 2:30, all the heavy furniture was moved from the apartment to the house. And guess what, at 3 pm it started raining cats and dogs! Praise the Lord! He was like a giant umbrella, shielding us from the rain the entire morning. For dinner, our pastor came over and his wife made us some soup and dessert. God is so good to us! Our move went smoothly thanks to Him! Also, we were very thankful for all the helpers and meals provided. We still have to clean the apartment and buy furniture for our new house, so keep us in your prayers. We're praying that the Lord will use this home not only as our shelter but also a way to fellowship with fellow believers and reach out to the lost in this neighborhood.
Prayers much appreciated.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Share the Joy of Jesus

Recently, I have been learning to know someone for their real selves. 
In the hallways, people laugh and smile but are they really happy inside?
You never know how a person actually feels until you genuinely ask "How are you?" and you don't settle for a typical "Good." answer. 
When we take prayer requests in class and a certain someone shares a struggle or asks prayer for a relative, you see their need-- now I'm not saying that they need help all the time and that they're always melancholy. But seeing that side of them, outside of their goofy grins and la-di-da days, you gain compassion and you just want to know them more. 
Aside from praying for them, why don't we actually go outside of our ways and ask them for progress on their need? We can even send them private notes to cheer them up.
If you see someone sitting alone, go over to them and chat with them or invite them over to sit with your friends (and once you do that, don't just ignore them).
The last thing I ever want to know is someone living a lonely life without any real friends, when i could've done so much more. Or when you see them every day all happy-go-lucky but later you hear they were really sad inside.
I just realized while writing this that the helping hand I can give is Jesus. I pass many unsaved people, even in my Christian school, and I just live with them like that. I really need to change.
I want to go out of my way and know people better, and share the joy of Christ with them- the only way I have joy in my own life.

Lend a Helping Hand. 
Make Someone's Day.
Share Christ's Love.